This year, ABC celebrates the 8th year of the Face of Inspiration campaign and contest. From year to year, we continue to hear from survivors and fitters, just how important it is to share personal journeys with other women who are experiencing the same thing.

As we enter into another season, we will now be featuring the Face of Inspiration throughout the year. From the newly diagnosed, to the five-year survivor, to the 20-year thriver and beyond, our hope is that as more survivors continue to share their journeys, and that more women will continue to be inspired.

Starting in the fall, selective Faces of Inspiration participants will be individually highlighted on ABC’s social media platforms. Survivor stories will be shared throughout the course of the year in hopes of inspiring many people. Participants along with participating fitters will be notified of the “Inspiration Spotlight” prior to its release on social media.

In addition to sharing stories, five survivors will be
selected as finalists for a chance to become the 2019 Face of
Inspiration and the winner of the Inspiration Spa experience.

Contest winner will receive an Inspiration Spa Experience, an opportunity to appear in a variety of ABC marketing materials, and a platform to share their breast cancer journey with other survivors.
No purchase is necessary to enter contest. Contest ends December 31, 2018.

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